2018 will bring with it a new project I have been waiting to embark on. I will be illustrating my own interpretation of the 12 zodiac signs.

Each month will start with a new release of prints. Open edition prints will measure 5x15 and be printed on heavy card stock paper. Limited large prints will also be a available, signed, numbered and measuring 8x24.  

Astrology has always been an interest of mine. I love the imagery, emotion and insight it provides. I claim no master level knowledge of the zodiac wheel, but I have always put weight into this tool as an old science, not to be dismissed easily. 

My interpretations will be kept loose and centered around the female form. The women have no faces, but instead wear a death mask to create my own symbolism to unite all these signs. My purpose in doing so has many layers. I chose to make these women an image to relate to. An emotion to connect with. Faces so often are associated with memories and previously established feelings. I wanted them to be a canvas the viewer can project their own vision on to.

The death mask is also important, not only to hide the face, but to symbolize the driving force behind all beliefs and meanings. Our own mortality. I bring in the presence of death to balance out the traits and qualities of the living. The uniting factor for us all. A fate no one has escaped, despite strengths in character. 

Lastly these interpretations are meant to be a middle ground to relate to. I strive as a female, a mother and a human being to bring reality back to how we view ourselves. In the same way that I removed the face to give the viewer an opening to connect to the image, I have kept body shapes in a neutral place. These illustrations are meant to empower and inspire inner strength. I feel that keeping a realistic aspect to my figures helps in making them more relatable and gives a better chance to see ones self in them. In turn hopefully encouraging a new sense of confidence and enlightenment in ones own mind.